The United Ontario Appaloosa Horse Council was formed in 2002. This Council enabled existing Ontario Regional Appaloosa clubs to work together in planning events, promotional activities and social interaction. It’s success has strengthened the Appaloosa community, increased membership and has facilitated growth within many aspects of the Regional Clubs.

| Mission Statement | Formulation of the Council | Purpose | 2008 Officers |


“It is the mission of the United Ontario Appaloosa Horse Council (UOAHC) to aid in the promotion and development of the Appaloosa Horse, Owners, Breeders, Trainers and related events across the Province of Ontario. This council will endeavour to unify and communicate the efforts of the Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada’s Regional Affiliates in this Province. The ongoing goal of this council will be to reflect and advocate for a healthy, unified Ontario Appaloosa enthusiasm.”


This council will be comprised of residents of the Province of Ontario who are members in good standing with both the Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada (ApHCC) and their Regional Affiliate. The ApHCC National Director(s) that represent Ontario will also be valued members of this Council. The Director(s) will not hold the privilege of a vote, but may hold an office. The ApHCC Director(s) will support the Council in the capacity of an advisory and resource.

Each member of the Council will agree to sit and actively participate for terms as outlined:

Council Chair – 2 Years
Secretary – 2 Years
Treasurer – 2 Years
Officers – 1 Year

Members of this Council will strive to emulate the Mission Statement of the United Ontario Appaloosa Horse Council. They will in no manner encourage or participate in practices that would result in personal gain, bias, inequality, embarrassment or impeachment of this Council or any members.

Each Regional Affiliate will have the option to elect three (3) members to the Council. It is suggested that each Regional President be considered a primary participant.

Each Regional Affiliate will have the right to present motions and vote on the same with a free will.

In matters of addition, alteration or amendment to the Mission Statement, Formulation or Purpose, only matters which are tabled at an Annual General Meeting with a majority of membership present in support may be passed and enacted.


The United Ontario Appaloosa Horse Council has three major ambitions that are driven by a number of smaller responsibilities. It will be the task of the UOAHC to productively and diligently achieve each of the following tasks:

– Unity through Communication and Participation
– All meeting minutes, objectives and correspondence to or from the UOAHC will be published by Regional Affiliates
– Council members will be available to all Regional members for the purpose of support, advice, information, clarification and direction where it pertains to Council matters.


An annual report will be formulated by the Council Chair. This report will be submitted to Regional, Provincial and National publications. The report must outline the efforts of the Council, the goals or direction taken and a measure of the Council’s success. This report must also establish the Council’s agenda fro the upcoming year and any changes in the Council’s Board.
The Council will host an Annual General Meeting each year and a minimum of two additional Council meetings per year. Council meetings may be conducted in a gathering, via conference telephone call or online messenger services.


The primary source of revenues for the UOAHC activities shall be derived from memberships, grants, private fund raising and corporate sponsorship. The UOAHC will provide an opportunity for the Regional affiliates to collaborate as a “think tank” presenting a united front when seeking these funds.
All funds attained by the UOAHC will be collected in a effort to finance a specific event or for the equitable good of all participating Affiliates, as directed by the membership.


The Provincial Championship Show will be hosted in September of each year to acknowledge the culmination of that show year. The Provincial Championship Show will offer the participant the opportunity to earn the title of Provincial Champion as well as National Points in accordance with ApHCC rules. This show is an event that is open to all members that are in good standing with the ApHCC and it’s Regional Affiliates. Only members of the UOAHC will be awarded the titles of Provincial Champion or Provincial High Point Champion.
While the UOAHC will oversee and have final approval of all aspects of the Provincial Championship Show, the positions of Show Chairperson and Show Manager will be appointed independent of the Council. The Provincial Championship Show Chairperson and Show Manager will work in conjunction with the Council to ensure that all measures of best practices are met in the preparation of the event.


Lantz McLaren
2431 Division Rd
Indian River, ON K0L 2B0
email mclaren.dmc@sympatico.ca

Sandra Landry
Norwood, ON K0L 2V0
email treasurer@appaloosahorse.org

Deb McLaren
2431 Division Rd
Indian River, ON K0L 2B0
email shows@appaloosahorse.org